Hunting 101


Hi folks, today I want to talk to you about small game hunting for beginners. I know a lot of Ground Zero readers already hunt, so this is more of a guide for newbies. I’ll talk about some of the ways you can hunt for self-sufficiency and feeding yourself off the land when things go wrong. And in the meantime you’ll have a full freezer and spend less money at the store.

First, you should go get a license. You don’t need one for all the game I hunt, but you’re better off being licensed for anything you might want to hunt. Ask the Sheriff’s office about how to get a license. Usually you just take a paper test and maybe a small practical.

Second, start figuring out what you can hunt around your property. Think thoroughly, because there’s a lot more than deer out there. Deer are always the best thing to shoot because you can fill your freezer in one shot. The problem is they’re harder to bring down and they can be a lot to handle if you haven’t been hunting your whole life. So, I want to point you to some smaller game that you can take easily with a starter rifle and gut easy too. Start with rabbits, because they’re dead easy and they’re everywhere, even in the suburbs. You’ll find loads in your woods, especially at twilight and early in the morning. You can use a .22 slug on rabbits, just make sure it’s not a hollow point. You don’t want to see what a hollow point will do to cute Mr. Bunny. Other good small game to eat is grouses and partridges, which are dead easy as well and basically chicken. My only recommendation is to do them slow over a fire and smoke the game flavor out. You can also soak them in beer to get better flavor.

Third, when you’re hard pressed for good game, and you’re stuck with groundhogs and squirrels, don’t forget about the stewpot. Pretty much any meat tastes good if you cook it long enough, so just remember that. Use wine, beer, stock, whatever you’ve got on hand. Heck, you can even use cider or fruit juice that’s gotten a bit boozy. Just cook it at least 8 hours.

Hope that helps you get started. If you haven’t hunted at all before, get a little .22 gun, or go old school and get a recurve hunting bow. Those can take pretty much the same game as a gun, from rabbits to deer. Bows are a bit harder to maintain, but they’re much quieter and you don’t need a license unless you take deer.

Over and out.


Statement of Values 2016:

In the middle of election season, I think it’s a good idea for all of us to make a list of our guiding principles. It’s easy to compromise on your beliefs, principles and standards when you’re constantly confronted with side-stepping deceptive politicians. So here’s my basic treatise.

I believe in:

Free speech

The Second Amendment and the right to bear arms, openly and without restrictions

The right to Life

Faith and Christian principles as a moral compass in schools and in government

Unflinching justice

Respect and dedication to serving our countrymen in uniform while they serve and after they return to civilian life

The right of any American to keep to himself and be left to himself by government

Trump 2016 Endorsement:

It’s that time, folks, elections season. I’ve never taken a strong political stand, but this year I want to stake my claim with Donald Trump. The man’s the first MAN we’ve had in politics since I’ve been alive, and it’s time we started doing away with the corrupt ruling class and their destruction of American values and our way of life.

I’m endorsing Donald Trump because he’s a builder, and a businessman who knows how to get jobs done and make jobs for millions of Americans. Our infrastructure is in ruins and we need a builder to get it restored. He’s going to treat our country like a business and give us, the shareholders, the best deal he can get.

I’m endorsing Donald Trump because he’s strong and he won’t take a bad deal from foreign countries. They’re laughing at us, folks, and ripping us off. Trump knows. Crooked Hillary just wants to sign more of our freedoms and prosperity away to the world with her trade deals and corporate greed. Donald Trump will make us respected again for our strength in the military and the economy at the same time.

Lastly, I’m endorsing Donald Trump because he’s the real deal. He doesn’t bullshit, waffle, or beat around the bush. You may not like everything he says, but he says what he means and you have to respect that. It’s time we had someone who was actually honest and straightforward. No more liars, no more crooks. Let’s Make America Great Again. Get on that Trump Train!